2016 Annual Breakfast Testimonials

Testimonials Attest to the Importance of our Mission

At the Annual Breakfast, we are always pleased to give individuals an opportunity to share their story of redemption and hope, thanks to your contributions to Fox Valley United Way.  As you know, your donations fund crucial social service agencies and special programs.  This year’s attendees were treated to two stories of changed lives, presented by Jeff, representing Hope for Tomorrow and Kim, representing Wayside Cross Ministries

Jeff talked about going from “homeless, hopeless, hapless, bewildered, and broken” to finding Opportunity House in Aurora, funded by Fox Valley United Way.  That was the first step toward ending his drug addiction, getting a job, pursuing education, getting married, and eventually launching Hope For Tomorrow—an organization that has helped 1,500 people develop and maintain a recovery-based lifestyle.


Kim’s story involved an abusive childhood, drug addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.  She found help at Hesed House, Mutual Ground and Wayside Cross Ministries, three agencies supported by Fox Valley United Way.  At Wayside Cross’s Lifespring Center, Kim found assistance in getting two part-time jobs and enrollment at Waubonsee Community College where she is working on certification to become an alcohol and drug abuse counselor.  All while raising four beautiful children.

YOUR DONATIONS NOT ONLY IMPACT INDIVIDUAL LIVES, THEY CHANGE OUR COMMUNITY.  On behalf of Jeff and Kim and thousands in similar situations, thank you for giving to Fox Valley United Way!