Aurora Strong

Friday, February 15, 2019

We held our breath as we watched the tragedy unfolding in real time. We couldn’t believe what was happening. After all, this is OUR town; these are OUR people. We ached for everyone involved, including many people that we know and trust.

Employees from Henry Pratt Company have been generous donors to their community through our organization. We’ve partnered with the ever-heroic Aurora Police Department, led by Chief Kristen Ziman, for many events, and have counted on them to watch over our city. The Aurora Fire Department and other first responders are beloved and dependable friends and neighbors.  

We can’t begin to know the depth of pain and emotion that victim families and responders are feeling. What can anyone say or do in a time like this except offer whatever support we can, in any way we can?

To that end, we want to encourage everyone to give to the Aurora Strong fund. Please donate today before you forget. Share the idea with others. While we go on with “life as normal”, these people are struggling to find their new normal. Every contribution will help in ways that you may never see. But once you give, you can be confident that you made a difference in the lives of people who were blindsided by this tragedy.

Thank you.

AURORA STRONG COMMUNITY FUND will assist the families during this difficult time.
Donate to AURORA STRONG Community Fund here.